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Things to Bring Checklist

What to Bring to Residence

  • Bed Linens (double width, queen-length bed)
  • Blankets, comforters, pillows
  • Towel – bath, face, dish etc.
  • Small furniture items (bookshelf, small dresser)
  • Laundry soap and fabric softener/dryer sheets
  • Laundry hamper/basket
  • Cleaning supplies (disinfectant wipes, brooms, dish soap, garbage bags etc.)
  • Toilet paper, paper towel, tissues
  • Shower curtain
  • Dishware (plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses, mugs, etc.)
  • Coffeemaker, kettle, toaster
  • Ethernet cord for wired internet (wireless is available)
  • Blu-ray/DVD player, gaming system*

*Please note: not all TVs have the correct connections; adapters may be needed

Things to Leave at Home

  • Real Plants/trees
  • Tape, sticky tack, tack nails, hooks for decorations
  • Candles, incense, etc.
  • Large volume alcohol containers (kegs, mini kegs, Texas Mickeys, beer funnels, 40oz or more volume containers)
  • Single serving glass bottles (such as beer bottles)
  • Hotplates, appliances with open elements, or appliances that are not CSA approved
  • Pets (with the exception of fish 1 small aquarium no larger than 3 gallons)
  • Large musical instruments/sub woofers/loud speakers/drum kits/ pianos
  • Weapons or replica weapons
  • Alcohol and Drug paraphernalia

Please note: Hot plates and induction cooktops are not permitted

Have something you really want to bring but you aren’t sure if it’s allowed or you need it?

Give us a call at 905-728-8700 x8100 or email us at info@dc-otresidence.ca.