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Residence Life

In Residence Life we work together with you to help you develop skills needed to become an independent and strong individual.

By promoting your personal and academic growth we extend the educational experience beyond the classroom and lecture halls. The best part is, you choose how you wish to be involved!

Getting involved in Residence is easy, whether you enjoy social activities with your friends, helping others with academics, being part of a team through athletics or working towards changes for everyone by being active in student leadership!

In addition to the life skills and becoming involved, you will also learn how your contributions help develop a unique and diverse experience. The Ontario Tech University Residences help you learn what a global community feels like!

We have students from across the globe that will help you learn more about different cultures, languages and histories but also will help you gain a strong sense of how you fit into it all! Residence Life is like nothing you have ever experienced before!


Residence Council

Ontario Tech University Residence provides students with opportunity to become leaders amongst their peers. This opportunity is provided through the Residence Council. Residence Council serves a number of purposes in Residence and is committed to ensure a successful Residence Life Program.

As volunteers, Residence Council members give back to the Residence community through continual programming and being active community participants. Each floor will have three Floor Representatives who are elected by the Residence population. With various committees run by Floor Representatives who are internally elected committee chairs, Residence Council works with the Residence Life Staff to program towards the needs and wants of students in Residence.

Residence Council also provides students living in Residence with a venue to voice their concerns in an open and welcoming environment where student input can be heard.

Welcome Crew

If Residence Council isn’t for you, why not think about joining the Welcome Crew? The Welcome Crew helps the Residence staff with the move in activities over the move in weekend. It is an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of new people as well as participate in events.

Resident Advisors (RA) Events

The RA’s provide engaging events weekly for residents to participate in. They can range from running games and activities to taking exciting trips off campus to enjoy what the city has to offer.