Gears Community

What is a Living Learning Community?

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a residential setting designed to enhance student retention and foster academic success, creating a positive university experience. Residents in an LLC have the opportunity to collaborate and connect with peers who share similar passions and interests beyond the classroom. Being a part of our LLC, named Giving Engineering Academic Resources to Students (GEARS), comes with the added advantage of support from the institution’s faculty and resources.

GEARS: Giving Engineering Academic Resources to Students

Our dedicated Living Learning Community at Ontario Tech University, GEARS, provides a unique residence space for Engineering students, fostering collaboration between first-year and upper-year students for a diverse range of knowledge and experience.

Located at both Simcoe Village Residence (North Hall and Central Hall) and South Village Residence, the GEARS community offers numerous benefits:

  • Supported by Ontario Tech University Engineering faculty
  • Facilitated study sessions within the Residence
  • Upper-year engineering student as your LLC Resident Advisor
  • Access to a dedicated study space
  • Community of peers understanding the demands of an Engineering program, providing support
  • Opportunities for building lasting friendships and leadership
  • Participation in fun, challenging activities and events
  • Peer-assisted study sessions
  • Guidance, promotion, and enhancement of first-year engineering students’ pursuit of academic excellence

Statistics from the 2018-2019 Academic Year GEARS Program:

  • 80.6% of participants achieved Good Academic Standing
  • 8.6% were on the President’s List, and 5.7% were on the Dean’s List

Dear First Year Me – A message from past GEARS students