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What is a Living Learning Community?

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a community based living environment that exists to encourage students’ retention and promote their academic success while providing a positive University experience. Students who choose to live in an LLC are able to work and connect with their peers who share similar passions and interests outside of the classroom. A benefit to being a part of our LLC is it is supported by the Institution’s faculty and resources. We would like to introduce you to our LLC Giving Engineering Academic Resources to Students (GEARS).

GEARS: Giving Engineering Academic Resources to Students

Our Living Learning Community within our Residence is a dedicated area where Ontario Tech University Engineering students are able to live surrounded by their Engineering peers. The GEARS community is a mixture of first year and upper year students allowing for a diverse range of knowledge and experience to promote collaboration.

The GEARS communities are located at both the Simcoe Village Residence (North Hall and Central Hall) and the South Village Residence.


Some of the many benefits of living in the GEARS community are:

  • Supported by the Ontario Tech University Engineering faculty
  • Facilitated study sessions hosted within the Residence
  • Your LLC Resident Advisor is an upper-year engineering student
  • Access to a dedicated study space
  • Living within a community of students who understand the demands of an Engineering program and who provide peer support
  • Building lasting friendships
  • Creates leadership opportunities
  • Participate in fun, exciting and challenging activities and events
  • Provides peer assisted study sessions
  • Guides, promotes and enhances first year engineering student’s pursuit of academic excellence

Some Statistics from the 2018-2019 Academic Year GEARS Program

  • 80.6% of students who participated in GEARS achieved Good Academic Standing
  • 8.6% were on the President’s List and 5.7% were on the Dean’s List
  • 19.40% of students who participated in GEARS achieved Low Academic Standing

The breakdown of GPA in GEARS:

Dear First Year Me – A message from past GEARS students