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Emergency Procedures

If there is a fire in your suite, advise all suite occupants to leave, close all doors behind you, pull the fire alarm on your floor and yell “FIRE”, leave the building using the nearest stairwell, contact the fire department and meet the firefighters at the front entrance and tell them where the fire is located.

If you hear the fire alarm:

Check the door to your suite. If smoke is entering from around the door; do not open it. Protect yourself from smoke inside your suite. If there is no smoke, brace yourself, and open the door a little. If you see smoke or feel heat, close the door quickly and protect yourself. If the corridor is clear, take your keycard, close your door behind you and leave the building using the nearest exit.


Check the nearest stairwell door for heat and smoke, if not hot to touch, open the door carefully and use the stairwell to leave the building. If there is smoke or the door is hot, do not enter. Close the door and try other stairways. If there are no other stairways, return to your suite and protect yourself from the smoke. Never go to the roof. Smoke usually rises to the top of the stairway. Doors leading to the roof are locked and you could be trapped. Remember, if there is smoke stay low and crawl under it.

If you remain in your suite:

You must protect yourself from smoke by staying low. Stay in your suite until you are rescued or until you are told to leave. This may take time. Do not try to leave your suite a long time after the alarm has sounded because there is greater risk that heavy smoke has spread into the hallways. To keep smoke from entering your suite, use duct tape to seal the cracks around the door, air vents and ducts, and place wet towels at the bottom. If smoke enters your suite, phone the fire department and tell them where you are. If there is no smoke coming in from outside, open the window for fresh air. Show your rescuers where you are by hanging a sheet from the window.

Alarms/Smoke Detectors

Residence suites are equipped with two types of fire alarms, both an audible smoke detector and a heat detector. The smoke detector is activated by minor smoke within the suite. Once the smoke detector has been triggered, only the alarm within the suite will be activated. Do not open the door to the hallway. Open your windows and turn on the bathroom fan to clear the smoke from the room. If the smoke is serious, exit the room and inform the Front Desk. The heat detector is set off by excessive heat within the suite. Once the heat detector has been triggered, it will set off the main building alarm, and everyone must evacuate the Residence.

The Residence hallways are equipped with a smoke detector/heat sensor. Minor smoke or excessive heat will activate the building alarm. Everyone must evacuate the Residence immediately. If someone activates the building alarm without cause, under the Provincial Fire Code a fine could be applied.

The Fire Department has a zero tolerance regarding smoke alarms that are tampered with. Please note the Residence staff will be testing the smoke detector bi-weekly in your suite. Testing the smoke detector ensures that it has not been intentionally disabled. Any occurrence could result in disciplinary sanctions from Management and/or a charge under the Fire Protection and Preventions Act with a maximum fine of $25,000.00.

Lock Down Procedures

Your safety is our top priority. In the event of a lock down the Residence is equipped with a PA system that will announce that there is a lock down is in process. During this time please secure yourself in a locked room/residence suite, turn off all lights and televisions, and avoid any doors or windows. Do not call the front desk: once the all clear is announced on the PA system it will be safe to exit your suite. During the lockdown we will make further announcements and update our Residence Facebook group with information.