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Campus Resources

On-Campus Immediate Resources

Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT), St. John Ambulance Trained Responders, 24/7 Service
Email: cert@dc-uoit.ca
Phone: 905-721-2000 x2400, 905-721-3211, CERT Dispatch
Location: South Village Residence, Room 1056, 32 Commencement Drive
Website: durhamcollege.ca/student-life/campus-services/campus-safety/emergency-management/campus-emergency-response-team-cert

Campus Security, On Campus and General and Emergency Response, 24/7 Service
Email: securitybase@dc-uoit.ca
Phone: 905-721-2000
Internal: Oshawa x2400, Whitby x4098
External: 905-721-3211
Location: Oshawa-Gordon Willey Building

Residence Outreach Worker
Email:  Louise.Stiles@durhamcollege.ca
Phone: 905-728-8700 ext. 8960
Location: South Village Residence

UOIT Student Mental Health Services
Email: Jarek.baginski@uoit.ca
Phone: 905-721-8668 ext. 3410
Location: U5 Building
Website: studentlife.uoit.ca/mentalhealth

Immediate Resources

Aspiria – Student Assistance Plan – Confidential, Voluntary Professional Counselling off Campus
Phone: 1-877-234-5327
Website: aspiria.ca

Durham Mental Health Services
Phone: 905-666-0483, 1-800-742-1890
Location: 519 Brock Street South, Whitby, ON
Website: dmhs.ca

Good2Talk – Post Secondary Student Help Line
Phone: 1-866-925-5454
Website: Good2talk.ca

Office of Campus Safety
Phone: 905-721-2000 x3294
Location: Simcoe Village Residence, Room 1099
Website: durhamcollege.ca/campussafety

Oshawa Psychological & Counselling Services
Phone: 905-721-7723, 1-866-568-9476
Location: 2nd Floor, East Wing Oshawa Clinic, 117 King Street East, Oshawa, ON
Website: oshawapsychologist.com/home/

Other Resources on Campus

Indigenous Education and Cultural Services (IECS)
Email: indigenous@uoit.ca
Phone: 905-721-8668 x6793
Location: UOIT-Baagwating Indigenous Student Centre (UBISC), 151 Athol St. East, Oshawa
Website: studentlife.uoit.ca/indigenous/

Student Accessibility Centre
Email: studentaccessibility@uoit.ca
Phone: 905-721-3266
Location: Oshawa-Student Life Building (U5), Downtown-61 Charles
Website: studentlife.uoit.ca/student-accessibility-services/index.php

Student Awards and Financial Aid
Email: connect@uoit.ca
Phone: 905-721-3190, option 5
Location: Software and Informatics Research Centre (SIRC), 40 Conlin Road West
Website: safa.uoit.ca/

Student Rights and Responsibility (Non-Academic Behavioural Issues)
Contact: Natalie O’Rourke, Manager – Student Conduct & Campus Investigations
Email: Natalie.orourke@dc-uoit.ca
Phone: 905-721-2000 x2596