More than just a place to live

Residence provides you with the opportunity to build friendships and experience life on campus.



I have had a good time at this residence; I felt like I have grown as a person. I have also made a lot of friends here. Overall, my experience has been great, so of course I would recommend residence to someone else.


Over the course of my 4 years at this residence I’ve had an exceptional experience with all aspects. Cleaning, maintenance, roommates, etc. were all above and beyond my expectations.

Testimonial 3

Residence is an absolutely fantastic community to start your university/college life. It is convenient; you get to meet all sorts of people and make new connections. It builds a solid foundation for all future years.

Testimonial 4

I enjoy and appreciate the safe and comfortable environment created by the efforts of the residence staff.

Testimonial 5

Overall, I believe the residence experience was extremely worth it and I do think it has made my university experience much better.

Testimonial 6

I love the experience and the people I have met during my stay here. It is a great place for first years transitioning from living away from home.

Testimonial 7

I have really enjoyed the residence experience; I felt safe and it was nice having the support of the RAs (Residence Advisors).

Testimonial 8

It’s a great opportunity to meet people live in an academic community while still having fun with friends. Residence is clean, friendly, welcoming and safe.

Testimonial 9

Everything is good. Just like my home.


I love Residence because of 24/7 front desk services, maintenance and housekeeping services. It’s also really close to campus.


Ontario Tech University Residence & Student Housing

Welcome to Ontario Tech University – your gateway to an extraordinary university experience! Our student housing, just minutes from campus lecture halls, offers convenience and a vibrant community for an unforgettable time in Oshawa.

By moving into Residence, you’ll discover new friends, engage in exciting activities, and immerse yourself in all that our city has to offer! With our housing, you won't have to worry about being late for classes, and you'll have numerous opportunities to participate in campus events.

Our friendly residence staff is ready to address any questions or concerns for first-time on-campus residents. Oshawa, a beautiful city, is also home to thousands of global students, providing a unique chance to explore diverse cultures.

Upon moving in, you'll enjoy premium amenities in each residence, including high-speed internet, TV with HDMI capabilities, and a phone with free local calls. Common areas feature a kitchen, a movie lounge, a games room, and a 24-hour front desk with support.

Security is paramount in our student housing, with trusted technology like swipe card access and 24-hour video monitoring. Your safety is our priority, ensuring swift response in case of any security incidents.

Engage in weekly residence events to connect with fellow residents, share thoughts, and develop real-life skills. Whether you're focused on academics, making friends, or honing leadership skills, Ontario Tech U housing is designed to make your experience exceptional!

Join us soon for an enriching and fulfilling time at Ontario Tech University – where endless possibilities await!